Photo by Nadya Sandler Erez Carmel, 44, born and raised in Israel. On April 2001 he got his first film camera, and never stopped photographing since than.

What motivates Erez, is capturing the dynamic life into one single frame at a time.Most of the time you’ll find Erez in the middle of a music concert or big media event, trying to get the ultimate frame from each. On the other hand, you’ll find Erez in the middle of a family event, company event, or even a kindergarden event, making small magical moments into big digital frame.
Erez’s specialty is to catch the most simple moment in the most creative way.That is exactly Erez’s motto: “The world as I see it”.

* Official photographer of the Israeli Fire Department.
* Israel Police photography.
* Founder of “Photographers for the Community” project
* Official Israeli “Dream Theater” band fan club photographer.

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